The Abrolhos Group is a not-for-profit organisation, based in Geraldton, which was incorporated in June 2014.

We achieved Public Benevolent Institution status 11/11/15. This means that all donations are tax deductible. The group was formed by Dr Kim Pedlow and his wife Annie, who recognised that there were a number of gaps in the services and support available here in the Midwest and in other regional areas in Western Australia, and saw the potential for a not-for-profit group to try to fill some of those gaps. Kim and Annie then sought other board members for the group. The Abrolhos Group was incorporated as a not-for-profit association in June 2014.

We have regular board meetings.

Our aim is to provide assistance that would not otherwise be available in the areas  where we have expertise. At the minute this includes………………………..

#1          Assisting identification and management of specific learning and behavioural difficulties in children. Call 0899216099 or email for assistance.

We also run fundraising events in the from of point of care U/S workshops for doctors(who pay a fee) and midwives(free).

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The Abrolhos Group works to assist people with learning and behavioural disorders. We aim to enable access to appropriate treatment and services.  We believe we can reduce disability or helplessness so that their lives can be fulfilled and productive. The group also provides direct assistance for children in orphanages.


To encourage the delivery of services by responsible organisations through personal advocacy on behalf of mostly children with behavioural and learning disorders, particularly for the early identification and evaluation.

The Abrolhos group will provide direct support for Educational psychological assessments via allied health services. We shall also raise awareness educational opportunities for schools in Geraldton.

The Abrolhos group will encourage the direct material support for equipment and funds for orphanages.


Our plan is to continue working with the schools and the community including media campaigns to offer assessments with financial assistance by the form of vouchers for the socially disadvantaged.  We have underwritten the purchase of a WISC license through one of our partners, Centrecare in Geraldton. Centrecare is a benevolent Catholic organisation which employs educational psychologists and is happy for other psychologist to use their tool. We are in the process of approaching other psychologists in town.

Abrolhos Group will identify those with learning and behavioral needs:

Our target is

#        20 children from low socioeconomic backgrounds to receive learning and behavioral assessments each year

#        20 learning and behavioral disordered children each year to be provided remedial education opportunities each year

#        Establishing a repository of information to support people with learning and behavioral disorders and update the information every six months.

#        To ensure educators of young children are aware of services and skilled to identify possible children with needs, with at least one Primary School consulted each Term.

Fundraising target of $100000 PA.

Dr Batsi , Maisie

Ultrasound Workshop St Johns Geraldton May 2014. Drs Amir, Kim, Sophie, Maisie, Batsi.

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