The Abrolhos Group will provide a voucher for $600 for an educational assessment. We have purchased a WISC V licence to be used by our partnering psychologists. These children may also qualify for medicare sponsored better outcomes of mental health due to their associated disability, usually behavioural. This includes 10 one hour consultations with a psychologist which can be batched into longer sessions as needed for the psychometric testing. Call 0899216099 or email for assistance.

Centrecare Family Services have kindly agreed to coordinate a list of psychologists in Geralton who are likely to be contributing to this scheme. We need to be evenhanded with regards to all psychologists in town. The AG will be the go to not-for-profit and Dr Kim Pedlow shall be underwriting any overrun in expenses.

Yours sincerely

Kim Pedlow Chairman Abrolhos Group







Monday 13/10/14

Paula Duggan and Kim Pedlow spoke to teachers at Beachlands School about learning and behavioral difficulties. How to access help.

Discussions centred around the difficulty in accessing timely educational psychometric assessments. The following guidelines were considered….

Local Guidelines dating back to 3 June 1999 are still current.

After a meeting of Geraldton school principals, educational psychologists, paediatricians approved the following

• Suggested guidelines for Educational Psychology Assessments for students at risk:

– Suspension or threatened suspension

– Remedial teaching for consideration of such

– Repeating a year or consideration of such

– Significant under performance

– School refusal

• Suggested Guidelines for content of Educational Psychology Assessment. It is

considered vitally important to first ascertain these students potential compared with

skill and achievement. This would entail:

– Assessment of Intelligence eg. WISC or SLOSSON

– Testing of specific Learning Difficulties, particularly language based

– Assessment for Attentional Problems

It is deemed desirable to assess each child’ potential in the above manner prior to

engaging on any therapy such as behavioural modification

ADHD Shared Care Manual


Kim to follow up with the education department.


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